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Michelle Lagos MBA

Website Designer /Developer, SEO & Digital Strategist 

Michelle Lagos MBA, has been a decisive Entrepreneur/Strategist for the last 15 years in the Pacific NW and well as the author of Get Back UP. She has a BS in Social Science/Business from Linfield University and an MBA with a focus in Marketing from Marylhurst University, as well as completed apprenticing programs in Southern Japan and in Portland, Oregon early in her career.

Principal & Director of Get Lagos Now that stays INSPIRED!

During the last 14 years Michelle has had the pleasure of designing, implementing, and managing Integrative Digital Marketing/Branding/Website Development & Design/Systems/Recruitment for staff, sizes 3-65, while placing a strong emphasis on the quality service, innovation, creativity, effective systems, and strategic growth with client, team, and community collaboration.

She’s an Oregonian that enjoys downtown as much as hiking a mountain, and jumping on a plane to explore a new city in different parts of the US – or the world.

Her passion for effective leadership, positive impact, and service extends into the non-profit world as a continued volunteer and quarterly instructor for tech forums / mentor / speaker at Outside In and a New Avenues Youth Advisory Board Member in Portland, Oregon since 2013.

Professional/Life Motto: Staying passionate about Purpose, Progress, Growth, and Positive Contribution.


“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.”   ~ Steve Jobs

Get Back Up by Michelle lagos

Get Back UP is a story based on the true account of the inspirational near-death experience of Michelle Lagos to the best recount of facts available through medical documents, memory, and interviews.

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